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At ABC Mandrel Bending we can Bend or Roll all types of metal sections.  We have both NC & CNC Machinery and can supply Mandrel Bends in Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Brass or Mild Steel tubes and Nominal bore pipes. We also have section rollers for long radius curves in Flat Bar – CHS – SHS – RHS – Angle or Channel sections.

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ABC Mandrel Bending was started in 1998, with the acquisition of our 114H Hilgers 8″ capacity NC bender, on this machine we bend up to 4″ x 1/4″ 101.6 x 6.4 mm Aluminium tube on a 152mm radius. As well as a customer supplied railing section with up to a 559 mm Centerline radius.

To compliment this big machine we also have 2 slightly smaller, but full CNC machines.

Our CSM 80 machine has a 4 meter over mandrel length bed and bends from 40 Nb up to 76.2 x 1.6mm Stainless Steel Tube, 3″ x 4.75mm thick Aluminium tube or 65nb  heavy wall Mild Steel Pipe. 

CSM 80mm CNC

Our slightly smaller CSM 50 bends from 10mm up to 50mm. Both of these machines are capable of storing 1000 programs. With our extensive tooling range we can offer several different bend radii for most tubes and pipe sizes.

Jobs can be between “1 of” Prototypes  to 5000 + units ; no job too small, none too big. We generally, do not charge a setup fee unless the job is required urgently.

We supply the Automotive and Marine industries; our Mandrel Bent tube components are used in the manufacture of large trucks bullbars thru to Rollover Protection Hoops for Mine Vehicles, as well as custom design exhaust systems for bikes and high performance cars. Our Aluminium and Steel tray rack hoops and Ute Trade Racks are supplied to most of the Aftermarket Ute Tray manufacturers in Victoria, as well as Alloy and Steel tubing for the Bullbar industry.

Mirror Polished 316 Stainless Steel tube bends are used in Houseboat railings, Leisure Boat Bow-rails, Bike Hoops, custom swimming Pool Entry Rails down to chair frames. Our railings appear from up in the South Pacific Islands to Hamilton Is. down to Phillip Is and Tasmania

We are a supplier to the Balustrade industry with bent components in Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Galvanised or Powder coated Mild Steel as well as Brass Tube. We can supply complete handrails, or components to fabricate on-site with the minimum amount of welding.

hockey stick mandrel bends


ABC stock a range of extended 180 degree bends, J Bends, Hockey Sticks, Candy Cane Bends, Handrail Termination Bends, call them what you like we make them, in 2’ and 1.5” Stainless Steel tubes as well as 32nb (42.4) & 40 nb (48.3) mild steel, black, zinc or galvanised pipe.

We also manufacture custom “1 of”, Internal or External access rails for the elderly or infirm, in a tube size that fits the hand. As these are generally required fairly urgently, we can normally complete within 5 working days.

steel tube bending melbourne , mandreltube bending melbourne. Pipe bender

Mandrel Tube Bending. Unique tube and pipe bending & section rolling. These are just a few of the things we bend or roll.

Custom Exhaust Bends, J Bends, Assistance Rails, Hockey Stick Bends, Bullbar Tubes & Pipes, Slider Side Steps, Handrail Termination Bends. Closure Bends, Balustrade, Fire Escape Stair Rails. Garden Path Rails and Arches, Heat Exchange Tubes, Ute Rack Tubes, Custom Alloy Roof Racks. Council Bike Hoops, Wheelchair Frames, Pool Entry Tubes and Ladders, Garden Hoop Edging, Trolley Bay Frames, House Boat Railings, Race car Simulator Frames.

We rolled the sections used in the Hot Air Balloon Frame at the 2020 Australian Open 2020 Tennis,


These fabrications are 3 meter wide Coat Hangers made with  2” Mild Steel tube which was Rolled, Mandrel Bent and Welded. Remember the Ad ? We can take your ideas from concept to reality; if you design it, we will attempt to bend and fabricate it for you.

stainless steel tube in Melbourne


To complement our tight radius bending we also have 2 section rollers to do curving, an NC-80 mm machine with tooling for most SHS – RHS – Angle sections as well as 25nb, 32nb, 40nb, 50nb pipes, as well 2″ and 2.5″ tubes. And a samller 50 mm machine.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 








Also a 38 mm Coiling  machine for making Coiled Rings.

Watch this video, 38 mm Coil roller, making bar stool rings.

A Truform long radius empty bender for nb pipes up to 50 NB.


Our tooling ranges from 10mm – 3/8 up to 4″ -101.6 mm. See tooling chart for our sizes

Tooling Chart

Click here to view our extensive tooling chart