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TIG & MIG Welding and Fabrication, Melbourne

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Founded in July 1988. Gardweld Fabrications PTY LTD, has over 35 years’ experience in the Welding and Fabrication industry in Melbourne Victoria .

Not only are we a fairly unique bending company, we also do Welding and Fabrication that compliments our bending. Our Welding Services include TIG and MIG Welding of Mild Steel, Aluminium and Stainless Steel Fabrications.

Design and Manufacture.

We have a well equipped welding and fabrication department. We are ready to help you with all your custom welding and fabrication services. Ranging from “Custom made One-Of” products and designs. To manufacturing of finished products. We can help you with advise on design and detail on the job at hand. 

Our team of welders use the latest machines and equipment to create, manufacture and bring your designs to life.

Call us now! and see how we can help. 03 9729 7000 or email

Custom Product Manufacturing.

  • Seat bases, wheelchair frames
  • Shop Fitting requirements
  • Coffee tables, Book Shelves
  • Lounge frames
  • Stainless Steel Bed Frames
  • Shelving / Cabinets / Framing
  • Mobile Seating sections for Redbook Theatre
  • Access Rails / Assistance Railings
  • Roof Access Safety platforms and rails
  • Hot Air Balloon Frame For Oz Open Tennis.
  • Council Bike Racks, various sizes
  • Race car Simulator frames
  • Rusty Garden Edging
  • Car Chassis
  • Custom Fabrications for Ad Agency’s.

Additional Machinery for Manufacturing.

Our other workshop machinery includes. An NC Lathe. A 60 ton Hydraulic Shear and Punch. A Milling Drill. A Hydraulic Guillotine with 4mm x 2.4 meter capacity. An Epic 3mm NC pan folder. A 100 ton garage press. A large throat metal band saw. A 2” tube end finishing machine. A Comacel 4” Centreless Tube Polisher, A 3” Tube Notching – Linisher, A Hand Held Plasma Cutter. An Icaro 42mm Reo bar bender. An Oxy Profile Cutter,

We do both MIG and TIG welding on Mild Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminium, we mainly use “Foronius Digital Machines”

welding and fab 1
Demeller Welding and Fabrication Jigging Table.

Once we have finished welding, we can also arrange Powder Coating if needed or supply the Alloy and Stainless products with a polished finish.

Concrete Floor Polishers
Manhole Cover
Lid Open